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Get A World-Class Training That Comes With An Opportunity To Work From Anywhere In The World.

At iLEAD Global Training Center, our mission is clear: to develop a new generation of professionally trained, multi-tasking personnel to meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide. 

Beyond specialized programs, we offer a diverse range of short-term professional and customized courses tailored to both individual and organizational requirements.

You can learn, train, and work from absolutely anywhere in the world.


Listen To What Our Student Staffs Are Saying....

Bin Hamza - Student

"The training center transformed my life, it gave me a job that enables me to work with different people from around the world while growing in my passion."

iReke Nwuzo - Student

"I registered and got my 6 months of training and at the end i was employed while I was still training, I want to say a special thanks to iLead Global and the pioneer Master Coach Raphael Djine."

Get Trained In A Course That Connects With Your Passion And "Help You Build A Career"

iLEAD Global Training Center blends theoretical training with hands on practical experience to give students a distinct edge in the job market.

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Payment Structure

Application Fee 
$300   $100 ✓

  • Apply: When you apply to the training center we will enroll you into the course of your choice with an assigned facilitator to help you through the training.
  • Pay Only 25%: You only pay 25% of the training fee, and pay the rest when you start working.
  • 6 Months Training: You will start a 6 months training to prepared you for the job market after which you will be employed to a department to work, earn a salary, while you pay your remaining fee.
  • Take your skill to a pro level: At the end of your training and work experience, you will have the opportunity to take your skill global and start your professional journey.

Application Fee - $100

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